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BoneView allows hunters to check trail and game cameras photos while in the field using their smartphone! BoneView can VIEW, SAVE, SHARE, and DELETE photos or videos from your trail camera SD cards. With BoneView, hunters can instantly see which cameras are hot, what deer are in the area and make last second stand selections based on real-time trail camera data to improve their odds at success. BoneView eliminates the need to carry heavy laptops or extra SD cards into the field. In addition, you can instantly text your trail cam photos to your friends or share them on social media.

BoneView Micro-USB Edition (orange): The fastest SD card reader on the market! For use with hundreds of pictures and HD videos. Micro-USB connector for the majority of Android smartphones - see compatibility list in photos above. Also sports only the best "spring-click" SD & micro-SD slots for the most reliable SD card connectivity.

BoneView Type-C USB Edition (black): - Even Faster with the latest "Type C" USB connection. Designed for the new charging port style found on Samsung Galaxy S8 / Note 8, Moto X & Z, LG G5/G6, Google Pixel and many more new Android phones are sporting this new extra-fast, reversible connection. Also sports only the best "spring-click" SD & micro-SD slots for the most reliable SD card connectivity.

BoneView provides the best picture viewing experience available. Full-screen, bright HD images of all your trail camera pictures. Full zoom and scroll capabilities let you see every detail in the photo. In addition, BoneView's Recommended App allows you to swipe left and right through your pictures in full screen mode. This lets you look through hundreds of pictures efficiently.

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