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The 4-FQ Core Sliders engage your core muscles throughout the full range of motion of an exercise while introducing a balance challenge. The long, graceful movements are also a good way to increase flexibility.

Crossfit Cross Training Fitness Core Slider Bundle

Product Specifications

- Each Core Slider weighs just 190 grams (6.7 oz).
- Each disc has a thickness of 0.7 cm (0.28 inches).
- Discs are foam on one side and hard plastic on the other.
- Each purchase is for a set of 2 discs.

The beauty Core Sliders is you can use them in a variety of different workouts - an aerobic or dance workout, Pilates, muscle shaping and strengthening moves and even yoga. Just as importantly, they're fun!

Elite Equipment Core Sliders are a low impact way to tighten your waistline and can be used to complement strength training, CrossFit and cross training workout routines.

Since your hands or feet remain in constant contact with the surface, choose from fitness gear to fulfill a total body workout or to focus on specific abilities such as strength, balance or flexibility. 4-FQ Core Sliders provide low-impact weight-bearing exercise.

A workout program provides the basis for maintaining a healthy body mass index, toned muscles, improved cardiovascular function, increased physical stamina and heightened emotional well-being.

Our gliding discs produce results without putting strain on your body, so you can work out hard with much less risk of injury.

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