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JBM Multi Sports Protective Gear

Adjustable straps
This set of protective gear boasts some pretty amazing multiple adjustable straps to instill that good fit that is called for.
The straps are elastic so they can easily stretch just enough to fit well. It also has some handy Velcro closures that also play a big role in getting a secure fit no matter what the knee girth. This makes this gear quite suitable for all adult sizes. .

Tough and Durable Materials
This support pad set equipment is sculpted with long lasting material that is soft and comfortable to the touch and snug when worn. It is well fitting and firm yet well fitting so as not to hinder movement. The material is specially designed with EVA well- padded material so as to cushion any fall and minimize impact.
The firmness is instilled by tough uniquely placed plastic plates. Item specifics
Color: Blue and Black
Material: Polyester, PP, PE
Suitable Sport:
Roller skate
BMX bike
Inline roller
Inline skate
Outdoor activities
1 Pair of Elbow pad
1 Pair of Knee pad
1 Pair of Wrist pad
1 year warranty!
The gear comes with one pair of knee pad, one pair of elbow pad and a third pair of wrist pad. This tri-function package protects the knee, elbow and the wrist. It also comes with an unbelievable one year warranty. 1 year warranty!
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List Price: $49.90
Sale Price: $24.98

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