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Why Using EddMark Core Sliders?

Initially designed to strengthen your core, these magical discs can actually be used to target all muscles groups, from chest to legs. By using them regularly:

  • Your core will regain its balance and strength
  • You will become more flexible and more focused
  • Blood will flow to your muscles and fuel them
  • Your body will burn fat and lose excess weight
  • You will feel rejuvenated and more alert

What Makes EddMark Core Exercise Sliders Truly Stand Out?

We have great pride in the quality of our products and our passion for healthy lifestyle drives us forward every single day. That’s why your EddMark Sliding Discs are:

  • Made of scratch-resistant ABS that works beautifully on carpet
  • Polished with care for a smooth slide
  • Large enough to place your foot on (7")
  • Provided with high-quality fabric that won’t scratch your floor
  • Lightweight and very, very efficient

You Need to Know That:

When Sliding on Floor: If you exercise on the floor, use the fabric side of the sliders to avoid damages

When Sliding on Carpet: The smooth ABS side of the discs will slide beautifully on most types of carpets

Zero Risks: We stand behind our products and will make every effort to ensure you are satisfied with your purchase!  

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Sale Price: $13.87

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