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Rock Climbing Mug (Oblong, Blue)

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These unique climbing mugs are sure to add a bit of challenge to any climbers morning coffee or tea! Each mug has a 12 ounce capacity and has a climbing hold on it for a handle. This particular climbing hold shape looks great in one of our swirl patterns!! The mug is equipped with a socket cap screw in it. This is the same style of fastner used in most commercial climbing gyms today. The screw IS made of metal so please do not put these mugs in the microwave. Also - please do not use the dishwasher as it can melt some of the texture of the climbing hold. **In regards to hot coffee spills and other unforeseen issues we must state the following: While the handle is suitable for gripping and drinking from, one does so at their own risk and upon purchasing the product, the buyer assumes all risk and responsibility for slippage, breakage or potential defect as a result of shipping, manufacturing or other unseen causes. Each mug carries a 100% satisfaction guarantee for the life of the product. If you or your recipient are unsatisfied or find any problems with the cup we will replace or refund the item at no charge to you.

List Price: $31.99
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