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Strapworks Heavyweight Polypropylene Climbing Webbing, Olive Drab, 1.5″ x 25 yd

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Polypropylene is a great outdoor webbing, with decent UV and mildew resistance and some ability to float over water. It resists acids, alkalies, oil, and grease better than nylon webbings, and will not stretch or color-bleed when wet. While not quite as strong as nylon or polyester webbings in terms of break strength, Heavyweight Polypropylene is easier to sew and less expensive. In short, it's an excellent value for many applications, from whitewater rafting tie-down straps to utility slings to backpack repair. HWP is our #1 most popular webbing product thanks to do-it-yourself enthusiasts the world over! Please be aware that lengths greater than 10 yards may include splices from the factory. For a softer yet stronger webbing, see our listing for Flat Nylon. For a stronger weather-resistant alternative, see our listings for Colored or Utility Polyester. Strapworks is a family owned company based in Oregon, USA.

List Price: $18.00
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