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Valet My Stick Skateboard Snowboard Razor RipStik scooter combination cable lock (Red – preset combo)

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Thanks to thousands of happy owners over the last five years we've been able to double our manufacturing volume resulting in a 25% reduction in price! ValetMyStick is the first and only product that secures skateboards, snowboards and Razor RipStik scooters to any fixed object--bike racks, sign posts, hand rails, fences, trees, etc. It can also be used to secure backpacks in the same easy manner. With bikes it can be used to lock your quick-releasable saddle to your bike frame while securing your bike to any fixture in a low risk setting. Secures Razor scooters by wrapping around the front fork hinge, not through the wheels. See "Universal skateboard lock demonstration" video on Youtube.

List Price: $21.99
Sale Price: $19.99

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