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Youth Mouth Guard – Custom Fit, Chew Resistant Protection for All Kids Sports – with Vented Case

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PRO-TEC™ SERIES: A Safe, Chew Resistant, Superior Custom Fit Mouthguard 

Mouthguards are one of the most important parts of any uniform; they must provide protection youth athlete’s teeth, gums, and jaws require, but also must offer a custom fit to ensure mouthguards are not constantly dislodging during competition, increasing the chance for dental injury. Many single layer and boil-n-bite products provide a fit but do not offer adequate protection; they tend to be thin and susceptible to chewing, which compromises the custom fit—immediately reducing the mouthguard's teeth and jaw safety.

Thus, the genesis of the PRO-TEC™ SERIES mouthguard: our quest to offer a safe, highly customizable fit youth mouthguard that is comfortable to wear and designed to last.

MAX-SHIELD™ Technology: clear outer layer—with air infusion—absorbs shock, impact, and pressure from initial point of contact

CUSTOM FORM-FIT™ LINING: soft gel lining easily molds to the teeth and gums—providing a dentist like fit   

SECURE-RITE™ Integration: cushion pads interlock top and bottom molars, keeping the jaw secure and stable during impact, as well as provided a chew resistant barrier

BREATH-EZ™: four integrated breathing channels allow for easy air passage when the jaw is shut

  • For Youth Athletes 13 & Under
  • Not For Use with Braces
  • BPA, Latex and PVC Free
  • Can Be Trimmed to Fit Any Size Mouth
  • Remold Up to 10 Times
  • Chew Resistant Material
  • Easy to Fit Instructions
  • Dual Vented Case Included
  • Product and Dental Warranty

List Price: $16.99
Sale Price: $12.95

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